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Having a tropical monsoon climate, Myanmar has got three distinct seasons the hot season from March to May , the wet season from June to September and the cool season from October to February.

The best time to visit in Myanmar is the cool season from October to February when the temperatures are more moderate and there is little or no rain. Myanmar can become extremely busy during this time, so it is better to plan your visit well in advance. Visiting Myanmar (Burma) during the hot or wet season has the benefit of fewer tourists and therefore lower prices. The wet season brings brief but heavy showers, mainly in the afternoon, which rarely affect touring and brings Myanmar’s lush landscapes to life.

Visiting Bagan plain is suggested to avoid hot season if possible or do sightseeing only in the morning and evening, spending the hottest time of the day by the pool or in a shaded garden.

From May to September every year, the beach hotels usually stop operations and flights to the area reduce to avoid rain and tropical storms.

Considering the given facts, you may decide which season you should come to visit our country according to your preference. To check out current weather condition, you may check here.